About Moms That Craft

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About Me

My name is Danielle Phipps and I the owner/creator of Moms That Craft.  I have 7 years of experience in content writing, creative writing, document creation, website design, graphic design, social media marketing, online marketing, print advertising, small business coaching, and managing small businesses.  I also have an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology and have 2 years of experience working in private practices.  Did I mention I love to learn?

My Family

I have a loving husband who is an IT genius (Dominick), an 8-year-old son that is just as creative as I am and loves to read (Jaden), and a 2-year-old son that loves to climb and scare me half to death on a daily basis (Tristen)!

I also have a miniature schnauzer (Elliot), a miniature dachshund (Zoey), a golden retriever (Romeo), and a cat (Niko).

My Favorite TV Shows

Rick and Morty is my new obsession at the moment lol.  I have watched all three seasons way more times than I care to admit lol.  Other shows I love include Supernatural (who doesn’t?), Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, Disjointed, Bob’s Burgers, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, Invader Zim, etc.

My Favorite Bands/Singers

Nickleback will forever be my #1 favorite band.  They are the only band that I can actually say I have loved every single song they have recorded.  I mostly listen to all the good stuff from the 80’s and 90’s.  There hasn’t been a whole lot of new songs I’ve heard that aren’t just garbage lol.  Man, I sound old lmao.

Life Goals

For my husband and I both to be able to work from home, travel and have the life we want without working ourselves to the grave.